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Testing Python with Pythonbrew and Virtualenv on Jenkins with ShiningPanda plugin

I have finally decided to learn all this stuff about Test Driven Design (TDD). I have a few projects that I go back to every now and then and it would be nice to be able to start hacking away without needing to remember every bit of the project. After looking around and investigating several other Continuous Integration systems I have ended up on Jenkins withShiningPanda plugin. The development team where I work uses Jenkins and it is reasonably easy to set up but I was initially against it because the machine I have to run it on is fairly low spec.

Unprivileged standalone instance of MySQL

Small script to run a instance of mysql in my home directory using the binary provided by the OS. Maybe some day I will make it more usable but for the time being it suits my needs. #!/bin/bash MYSQL_HOME=$HOME MYSQL_USER=$USER MYSQL_PORT=13306 ACTION=$1 if [ $ACTION == 'init' ]; then echo "initalising new mysql installation at $MYSQL_HOME/var/lib/mysql" rm -rf $MYSQL_HOME/var/lib/mysql mkdir -p $MYSQL_HOME/var/lib/mysql $MYSQL_HOME/mysql/data $HOME/var/lib/mysql/tmp mysql_install_db --user=$MYSQL_USER --datadir=$MYSQL_HOME/var/lib/mysql/data/ cat < $HOME/.my.cnf [mysqld] user=$MYSQL_USER datadir=$MYSQL_HOME/var/lib/mysql/data log-error=mysqld.