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Testing Python with Pythonbrew and Virtualenv on Jenkins with ShiningPanda plugin

I have finally decided to learn all this stuff about Test Driven Design (TDD). I have a few projects that I go back to every now and then and it would be nice to be able to start hacking away without needing to remember every bit of the project. After looking around and investigating several other Continuous Integration systems I have ended up on Jenkins withShiningPanda plugin. The development team where I work uses Jenkins and it is reasonably easy to set up but I was initially against it because the machine I have to run it on is fairly low spec.

Python HTTPConnection bound to network interface

The web server I use at work are multi homed with the default route being the internal management network. We came across an issue where we wanted make a XMLHTTPRequest for a data feed from another company into our web app. We all know due to cross-site scripting attacks this is no longer possible so we had to write a little proxy script to pull the data and serve it from our own site.

Using external scripts with django models

I have used a few web frameworks over the years but I think I have finally found the one that suits my particular needs. I have played with RoR, Turbo Gears, Catalyst and a couple of others but none have actually made me want to write code instead of hoping that it allows me to write less. That was until I discovered Django. A friend of mine had said he was using for his website it but for some reason I managed to get it stuck in my head that he was using Mambo CMS so I never really paid it much attention.

libvirt-qpid and python

Libvirt is fast becoming the standard tool for managing virtual machines on Linux and Qpid is the Apache foundations new implementation of AMQP which is the first open standard for Enterprise Messaging. These two technologies have the potential to work in well together for large virtualization installations and luckily for us the good guys in the libvirt team have done just that but there are currently very few examples on how to use it.